Mammoth SafeLock is a safety device designed to disable the vehicle’s ignition system, while stop blocks are placed behind the vehicles wheels. An electronic circuit disables or enables the ignition of the vehicle, depending on whether the stop blocks are under the vehicles wheels (disabled ignition) or whether the stop blocks are mounted to the safety device (enables ignition).

The product is mounted on the front bumper of a vehicle which utilises a base plate for mounting. A steel case houses the electronic circuit. Solid steel bars protrudes from the box on either side which caters for the stop blocks to be slid over and locked in position - enabling the ignition of the vehicle and preventing the stop blocks from detaching from the device while the vehicle is in operation.

The device was developed to minimise the amount of stop locks being crushed by heavy duty mining vehicles, as well as preventing the stop blocks from being forgotten and left behind by the driver.

The Mammoth SafeLock device can be utilized on all mining vehicles that requires the use of stop blocks when stationery or parked and is manufactured in two models to fit the 381 mm and the 250 mm stop block variations.