Saver Plug – Minimize fly rock, vibration and drilling costs, with a reduction in the volume of explosives used in every day mine blasting applications. 

The Saver Plug, offers a reduction in fly rock, vibration, drilling costs, and the volume of explosives used in blasting. It is used across all sectors of the mining industry, including underground horizontal hole blasting.

Increased fragmentation and cast percentage is achieved with the same or reduced  Powder factor. All of the above could be achieved without changing the blast design or Capital expense.

The Saver Plug system for blasting operations and casting applications. 

The Saver Plug methodology is made possible by the placement of a Saver Plug, along with air and mass strategically placed in a blast hole to improve blast results and therefore reducing blasting cost.

Historical results in mining applications proved a reduction of 10%-50% of explosives consumption, 75% reduction in vibration, and completely eliminating air blast and fly rock. Despite reducing explosive consumption, the fragmentation distribution remains unchanged or is actually improved in some operations, while reducing the undesirable fines content in others.

Blast energy is focused in a downward direction as a result of decking designs, increasing control. In some instances, stemming length can be reduced without increasing the danger of fly rock. The throw volume in casting application could be increased, whilst sub – drilling in some cases were reduced by 100%.

Sub-drilling reduction

The Saver Plug system is best explained in terms of pressure and / or kinetic energy at the bottom of the hole.

The path of least resistance is always taken by the shock waves when an explosive detonates in a borehole. The bottom portion of the hole in the air deck will first be subjected to a high intensity shock wave. After the initial shock wave front hits the bottom of the hole it creates a reflection and increases the pressure at that point.

On completion of the initial shock wave, a secondary impact from the explosion products adds another pulse to the bottom of the hole. The effect of the first and second combined, results in increased pressure at the bottom of the hole, up to seven times greater than the initial pressure. The increased pressure is sufficient to increase fragmentation.

The primary shock wave energy and secondary explosion products are far more efficient than a concentrated cylindrical charge, but only when the bottom hole air deck length and Saver Plug mass are properly designed for the specific field conditions and explosives system.

The Saver Plug system can be used to reduce and, in some instances, eliminate sub-grade drilling. By inserting the Saver Plug and bottom support into the bottom of the bore hole, we created a path of least resistance for the explosive energy to seek.

Penhine Blast Plug pic