The Mammoth DM30 Mast is designed for multi-pass drilling, capable of holding a 30 ft (9.1m) drill pipe, a 2-rod carousel (optional 4-rod carousel), with a total depth capacity of 150 ft (45.7m). The DM30 Mast comes standard with a safety Rod Catcher.

Please enquire for other drill rig mast models available.


Additional Extras:

2-Rod Carousel/4-Rod Carousel

DM30 Stemlock

DM30 Top Rod Support

DM30 Rod Guide

Technical Data:

Drilling Method:

Rotary or DTH – Multi-Pass

Suitable Pipe Sizes:

4 ½” - 6 ¾” (114mm - 171mm)

Estimated Weight:

7055 Lb (3200kg)



7 ft             2.16 in       (2.19m)


41 ft           6.4 in         (12.66m)


5 ft             3 in             (1.6m)